Technology Audit

Technology has become indispensable and so has education. With technology, processes have become easier and faster, but the challenge lies in using it in an effective way. It has also made classroom teaching so much interesting with amazing simulations, efficient assessments, virtual manipulations and global exposure, but it cannot replace a teacher’s presence in the classroom. However, teaching through technology becomes an unbeatable combination.

It is very important to learn how comfortable teachers are using technology accessible to them and how effectively they are using it. For this purpose, Education Quality Foundation of India conducts Classroom Technology User Audit for schools.

Technology Audit
How we do it?

The “Classroom Technology User Audit” conducted by EQFI analyses how teachers use technology for their lessons (academics) in a classroom, personality development and its exposure to students. This can be done in two ways:

  • All in All: All teachers are observed and analysed to make individual reports along with a general school report. This helps to reach out to teachers with differential support.
  • Few in All: A randomly selected sample of teachers (25% or 50%) is observed to analyse the effectiveness of technology aids to make a general school report. This helps in creating a support system for all teachers.

Our experts visit the schools to observe and interact with teachers to understand how they use technology accessible to them. They make observations not just to analyse the use of technology for an interactive and inclusive classroom, but also to note how it can be used better.

Technology Audit
What is the outcome?

We at EQFI believe that every student will become a better learner when teachers will be empowered and equipped to make technology a part of their classroom. Our technology audit ensures that funds allocated for technology in schools are justified, and that every student gets the best education possible.