Teacher Skill Audit

Any process of change in a school must begin from determining what needs to be changed and to what extent. The EQFI Teacher Skills Audit (TSA) is designed to gather evidence of the current teaching practices being implemented in a school, and provides insight into how effectively teachers are using their instructional and personality strengths and the challenges they are facing. It also helps teachers to bridge the gap between the skills they have already acquired and the ones they want to develop.

TSA shares valuable information on areas for improvement, and guides teachers on skill enhancement. It is not conducted to make judgments about their continued employment or appraisal.

The Audit helps teachers contribute towards a valuable exercise, which will enhance their teaching skills and provide an edge to their career. Results of TSA will identify the strengths and weakness of classroom teaching practices, areas that require change and the extent to which it is needed. These results will also act as a baseline against which the school can evaluate changes in teaching practices at a later stage, using the same tools.

Teacher Skill Audit
Potential benefits of TSA are:
  • Gain new insights into staff abilities.
  • Provide constructive feedback on teaching practices.
  • Identify areas for professional development and organise teacher trainings as per their needs.
  • Enhance learning levels of students through improved teaching practices.
  • Provide teachers with an opportunity to design a development plan that supports their aspirations and identifies the action steps.

EQFI Teacher Skills Audit will highlight the acquired skills of teachers and those needed for effective teaching practices and the gaps in teaching and how these can be covered through trainings.