Student learning assessment

Students are the centre of the schooling system. Thus, student learning assessment is an essential component of the schooling process. It helps in evaluating the teaching-learning transactions and their quality.

EQFI designs and implements assessment tools for individual projects in subjects like Maths, Science, Environmental Studies and languages (Hindi, English, Telugu, Urdu etc.) for students in classes 1 to 10. These are designed and based on national standards and state prescribed curriculum to address all skills and competencies in every subject. The tools are a combination of multiple choice questions and closed and open-ended questions. These assessments are conducted twice in an academic year (baseline and endline), and are diagnostic in nature to help focused interventions enhance student learning.

EQFI reports on assessment of learning outcomes are research studies in themselves as each project is analysed in detail to ensure that any gaps in learning are addressed and understood by the organisations assessed. Although, student learning levels are the base of these assessments, the same can be used to analyse results as absolute or relative and on a much larger scale to evaluate the impact of the programmes being assessed.

Student Learning Assessment
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Student Learning Assessment