Quality School assessment

Quality assessment is a systematic audit of activities implemented in a quality system so that requirements for a product or service can be fulfilled. EQFI is committed to consistently deliver quality services for school assessment, and strives to exceed stakeholders' expectations through continual process improvement. The vision of EQFI is not limited to organisational excellence through maximising performances of team members, but goes further towards increasing personal effectiveness and satisfaction.

Quality assessment helps us to:
  • identify and assess critical resources that lead to optimal utilisation and effective organisational performance
  • assess the strengths and opportunities for growth of schools
  • strategise to propel and motivate teachers, keep this motivation sustained and achieve an optimal level of excellence
  • develop valuable processes for schools, which lead to efficient outcomes

It is based on the central idea that all school programmes, resources and support systems should raise the standards of student learning and outcomes, which is reflected below:

Quality School assessment

Some common features of high-performing schools were identified during an assessment, which became the guiding tools for EQFI criteria:

  • Defining vision, setting objectives and goals towards strategic growth.
  • Leading transformation through research.
  • Enhancing teacher quality through capacity building.
  • Improving conditions for teaching and learning.
  • Evaluating teaching and learning.
  • Innovating through continuous research for improvement in quality.
  • Incorporating support systems to assist knowledge transactions.
  • Developing management systems.
  • Establishing relationships, collaborating with stakeholders and communities to improve performance of schools.

The criteria are a set of performance oriented requirements and scoring guidelines which spell out the assessment dimensions. EQFI school assessment criteria cover the following seven domains:

Quality School Assessment

The process of quality assessment of schools is designed in a way that leads to reflection (self-analysis) resulting in a systemic reform, which will influence the overall status of education.