Programme impact assessment

Programme monitoring and evaluation studies

EQFI studies the overall impact of a programme, and decides if it satisfies all the mandates through the following procedure:

  • Conduct impact analysis of any programme implementation on the basis of the log frame of its proposal.
  • Develop a continuous monitoring and evaluation system for programme.
  • Conduct a continuous learning assessment study for multi-grade, multi-level learning programme.
  • Create process documentation for programme.
Programme impact assessment

Process of the study

EQFI undertakes programme study for bringing improvement in its implementation. The study is done in the following manner:

  • Study programme details.
  • Design tools (questionnaires/ checklists)in consultation with education experts.
  • Implement the designed tools.
  • Research and evaluate the impact of programme.
  • Derive outcomes of programme on a report.
  • Present the impact with indicators, strengths and weaknesses.
  • Provide recommendations for sustenance and improvement of programme.
Programme impact assessment


EQFI studied the impact, developed and executed quality audit for these programmes:

  • Physical Education Cards (PEC) – British Council
  • Use of IT to enhance Maths and Science – Dell
  • Application of handheld devices to support CCE – Texas Instrument
  • Benefit of ICT in education – Planning Commission