CBSE initiative

Responding to the need for accreditation, Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) prepared and published a concept note on accreditation of all the schools affiliated with it. From merely 309 schools in 1962, the tally of affiliated schools has currently gone up to 10,500. The Board enjoys a national status with an international jurisdiction.

It has been noted that schools contact the Board only at the time of initial affiliation and renewal of the same. Once this is completed, there is no monitoring or quality check. The only indicators of performance are the results of board exams for classes X & XII, which are individually highlighted by schools. CBSE intends to change the system of accreditation by providing continuous monitoring of quality for improvement to the affiliated schools.

CBSE accredited schools

The award of accreditation signifies that a school has met standards at an acceptable level and is willing to maintain those standards to improve its educational programme by implementing the recommendations of the visiting audit committee. Continued accreditation will depend upon a school demonstrating ongoing, reflective progress to improve teaching and learning.

EQFI's role

EQFI has been empanelled as an accreditation agency by CBSE. For more information on CBSE accreditation, please visit

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